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international Patients

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No matter where you live or where you're from, you can directly communicate with Prof. Dr. Bulent DUZ.
I do not want my patients to pay any insensible commissions to translators or advertiser companies. So if you do not want to pay any additional cost to commissioner companies you can directly contact with me. 
Language does not limit my commitment and dedication to providing you with world-classs, best modern way neurosurgical patient care. We can communicate in English. If you want you can come with your relative translator in your native language or if you demand I can provide a translator other than English.
I serve my clinical expertise and patient-focused treatment with modern technology to my patients.
You can watch some of my operations at my YouTube channel and instagram.
You can see my publications at google scholar.
Any international patient can directly contact with me with filling the patient form below. Than I prefer contact with my patients with WhatsApp message or e-mail.
I directly reply my patient as soon as possible following submission.
Medical Questionnaire

Thanks for having contact with me.

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